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Cold work permit

Cold work permit system

Essentially, cold work is a plastic deformation process that involves pressing or rolling at room temperature. Cold work situations are determined by assessing the risk of the task and the working environment. The work can be performed with a cold work permit if there are no flames or explosives present.

The types of cold work permit:

  • Using solvents or chemicals for cleaning
  • Any painting activities,
  • Non-routine and potentially hazardous activities,
  • Management of hazardous substances (For example chemicals that are toxic or corrosive, asbestos, etc.).
  • Any activity that requires the specific control measures to ensure safety.
  • Utilization of resins during blade repairs.
  • erecting and removing scaffolds
  • Cranes/heavy lifts;

Other types of industrial work permit

 A permit to work includes the instructions about the type of work, the time and place along with the critical safety procedures to follow. For each permit type, there is a checklist for preparing the equipment as well as personal protective equipment guidelines.

Work at height

Work at height permit

The work performed above 10 feet from the ground level can be categorized as Work at Heights and should be conducted in accordance with all guidelines.

Confined space

Confined Space Entry

A confined space entry permit is needed when entering a tank, vessel, tower, pit or sewer. The permit should be accompanied by a guide detailing procedures to be followed.

Electrical work

Electrical work permit

Permits are required whenever work is to be performed on or near electrical equipment that is energized.

Hot work permit

Hot work

Any activity involving cutting or welding with gas or arc equipment, soldering, grinding, or any other similar activity generating heat or flame requires a hot work permit

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Cold work permit software

Special permits

Some industries use special permits to cover specific hazards such as:

  • Conditions of extreme hazardous
  • Dangerous chemicals
  • Excavations

Digital work permit

One software for all types of work permits! Work permit can be monitored via mobile app as well! You can customize it!

The process of work permits:

  1. Each individual will apply the cold work permit or other types of work permits
  2. The operator will check and provide approval for work once the work permit form is filled out
  3. The responsible supervisor or manager receives the notification, they will acknowledge the work permit
  4. Once the permit has been approved, it will be mentioned the scope and location of the work
  5. Once the worker receives the permit, he can begin working on the project.
  6. According to permit conditions, this permit is valid for one whole shift or for the entire project.

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