Do you know how smart Intelligent AI PPE Detection technology is improving industrial safety?

A solution developed by Soft Designers Intelligence AI software – Personal Protective Equipment Detection, uses real-time image processing to replace the traditional / manual control system. PPE is recognized by the system, which benefits employees by improving their safety at work and companies by increasing productivity and regulatory compliance.

Before we get into the use of Intelligence AI software, we will learn about the importance of PPE such as:

  • Head protection – A helmet is required if there is a possibility of falling objects or force onto the head.
  • Eye and face Protection – Protect your eyes and face from hazards such as sprays of toxic liquids, splashes, and burns by wearing safety goggles.
  • Body protection – personal protective equipment (PPE) includes vests and suits that are used to protect against extreme temperatures, flames, sparks, toxic chemicals, insect bites, and radiation for tasks that can lead to body injury.
  • Fall Protection -Safety harnesses and lanyards should be strictly used for tasks that can cause falling from heights and serious injury or death.
  • Hand protection – Gloves should be worn when performing tasks that could lead to the burning of the hands and skin, absorption of chemicals, cuts, fractures, or amputations.
  • Foot Protection – Wear knee pads and safety boots when handling falling or rolling objects, hot substances, electrical hazards, or slippery surfaces.
  • Hearing Protection – Ear protection should be used for tasks that can cause hearing problems and loss of hearing.

Accidents can happen in seconds. Many are caused by negligence of wearing PPE. Our platform empowers safety officers with real time PPE capturing and it enables them to perform their job better and reduce workplace injuries as a result.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) detection:

We have assembled a detailed data set of workers wearing different PPE and have trained models that can accurately detect if the required PPE is worn by an employer or not. We have built an AI Technology which are integrated with a camera that will check if the person is wearing the required PPE or not and based on that the visitor / contractor will get the permission to enter the industrial premises, once the supervisor accepts their visit.  

Advantages of AI PPE Detection Software:

  • Reduce workplace accidents
  • Better company culture
  • Increase productivity
  • Lower insurance premiums
AI PPE Detection

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