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Enterprise Andon for manufacturing industry

Product Specification

Model SDAD
Part Number ADEA01
Description Enterprise Andon
Supply Voltage 24 vdc
Supply Current 2 A
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 800 C (industrial)
Features ·         Three tier tower lamp

·         Andon Server kit

·         Andon Client kit

·         Big Display on production line

·         Production Monitoring tool

·         Industrial Wireless Connectivity

·         Automatic Email alert

·         Automatic SMS alert

·         Automatic Escalation process

·         Advanced report like MTTR/MTBF

·         Shiftwise Production Report/Custom Report

·         Individual Issue code according to the Machine


Hardware ·         ANDON Terminal with Tower lamp

·         Andon Server Terminal

·         HP Server with SQL Server & Windows Server operating System

Software ·         Efficio Software
Accessories ·         Production Display Monitor(Know More)

·         Buzzer