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Remote machine monitoring system :

Machine monitoring is the monitoring of machines that tracks machine activities and automatically record the performance of machines.



Working :

The machines are interfaced with Cloud seamlessly.  customized solutions are provided to make the machines connect to the Cloud. Machine’s analytics helps the downtime for the machine to be reduced. Remote Machine Monitoring can be done by interfacing with Machine’s PLC

The architecture includes machines connected with IoT by a PLC interface and then IoT is integrated with the cloud server.

Further, there are PLC supported for cloud connectivity like Allen-Bradley, Analog Devices, Aromat, AutomationDirect, Beckhoff TwinCAT I/O OPC Server, BUSWARE OPC Server, Contrex OPC Server Suite, Custom Interface Driver-CID, Cutler-Hammer, Dataforth isoLynx, DDE Client Driver, Fanuc, Fuji Flex, General Electric, Hilscher Universal Driver

Honeywell, IDEC, Intelligent Actuator Super SEL, InTouch Client, IOtech PointScan 100, Krauss Maffei MC4 Ethernet, Memory Based, Mettler Toledo, Micro-DCI, Mitsubishi, Modbus, MTConnect, ODBC Client Driver, Omron, Partlow ASCII, Philips, SattBus, Scanivalve OPC Server, Siemens, Simatic, SIXNET, SquareD, System Monitor, Telemecanique Uni-Telway, Thermo Westronics, TIWAY, Torque Tool Ethernet, Toshiba, Toyopuc OPC Servers, Wago OPC Server, Yaskawa, Yokogawa

Architecture :

The system has inbuilt features to connect with the cloud. We provide a turnkey solution by handling all the cloud infrastructure as a solution to our customers.

Technicians service devices and sensors. Microsoft Azure contains intelligent systems service, HD insight, machine learning. The data collection will be done by an intelligent systems service then processing will be done by HD insight. Analyst provides insights and smart decision service.

Analyst synthesizes data and interprets them, formulating reports. Machine learning enables an analysis of massive quantities of data.

Decision making is done by smart decision service enabling machines. Thus, remote monitoring works

Applications across industries :

  • Automobile industries
  • Packaging industries
  • Power plants
  • pharmaceutical industries


Specifications :

Model SDID-01
Description Idea Management Software
Software Web-based Application
Hosting On-premise or Cloud
Users Unlimited
Features Create Ideas for any work or department
Managing Approvals for Ideas
Notification using SMS/email
Standard reports
Provision to set Idea Committee
Centralized Idea Monitor
Easy to access
Subscription Available



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