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Traceability solution in manufacturing help to trace the raw materials and equipment’s used in the production or assembly area, to clarify “when and where the product was produced by whom.”

As the demand of Safety and Quality increase in manufacturing arena the traceability uses have increases very rapidly.

Traceability system keep tracks of all vital data and information of a product and its components through all or part of its production and utilization chain

Features of Traceability

  • Items and sub-assembly are serialized by unique code number
  • Tracking of Products from raw materials to finished state
  • Work order Management and scheduling
  • Tracing Critical and vital information of products in its usage lifecycle
  • Track the progress of production orders throughout the factory
  • Provide full history of each production order


  • Eliminated Errors- Ensure user to use the correct material against BOM
  • Reduce the waste
  • Quality of product increases
  • Capture the date each step, providing full process traceability for continuous improvement.
  • Capture planned quantity, actual quantity, start & end time and duration


  • Manufacturing industries.
  • Automobile industries.
  • FMCG
  • Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Logistics
  • Retailing/Point of sale
  • Warehouse/ distribution centre