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Manufacturing companies face many challenges today, the manufacturing industry is moving in fast-paced and became competitive. If manufacturing fails to meet the growing demand, then it will lead to high turnover costs, expensive quality control, and a reduction in productivity. Digital work instructions are the key to modern manufacturing in Industry 4.0.

By digitizing your work instructions, your company can take a big step forward into Industry 4.0.  It explains the best way to complete a specific procedure. They translate procedures into a human-centered way of working that allows any employee on the shop floor to complete the task at hand inefficient way which will be driven to paperless work.

Digital work Instructions collects information from multiple production sources and provide it in one simple, unified view so your operators can quickly make data-driven decisions

Digital work Instructions  also helps user to access the job instruction and information with just a swipe of a tablet or system to the point of use on a specific area and production line, helping to reduce downtime.

In the central repository all the data (Videos, photos, Training materials or documents) related to product manufacturing can be uploaded so that it can be pushed to work station on a single click.

It allows user to follow step by step process visually with the help of Videos or photos or or training material or document template in order to complete the task in an efficient manner. This system makes the operator to follow the instructions to make an error-free product.

Features of digital work instruction:

  • Centralized repository of product videos, images, documents, and Training modules
  • Station wise task can be mapped in a single click
  • Support standard batch report
  • The report brings back everything that happened on the production run, for example material lots consumed, quality checks, exceptions, process data, signatures.
  • Secure and safe system protect your data

Benefits for digital work instruction:

  • Quality of the finished product.
  • Consistency of the finished product.
  • Boost Your Manufacturing and Business Productivity
  • Save time and Increasing efficiency.
  • Eliminates the need for guesswork when performing tasks
  • Less paperwork means more time for product making
  • Manage by exception – easily report exceptions that occurred in the process
  • Process is controlled – making sure the business process is followed correctly
  • Changes can be implemented very quickly
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