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AI Based Safety Surveillance Software

Soft Designers PPE detection system is a data analytics solution that uses AI on camera and facilitates in identifying and controlling PPE related violations, hazard and threat. We provides this solution to clients to prevent occupational hazards for their employees at work and emphasize on safety.

Features for AI Based Safety Surveillance software

We have built an AI Technology which are integrated with a camera that will check if the person is wearing the required PPE or not and based on that the visitor / contractor will get the permission to enter the industrial premises, once the supervisor accepts their visit.  

Real-time monitoring

Capture image and video

Alert notification by SMS/E-mail

Automatically identifies PPE equipment

Enforces safety compliance

24/7 monitoring services

AI Workplace Safety Process

AI Based Safety Surveillance

Benefits of AI inspection Software:

Soft Designers PPE detection system with video analytics comes with many advantages. PPE detection is an emerging solution for the managers as it automates the tracking and monitoring of PPE equipment wear-ability. Workforce is not required for supervision, updates and analysis. Besides offering uninterrupted monitoring of workers, video analytics further detects those working without gloves or masks.

AI Based Safety Surveillance

1. Reduce workplace accidents

2. Better company culture

3. Increase productivity

4. Lower insurance premiums

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