Understanding e- Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is an important part of the management of any type of infrastructure, contributing to the increase of equipment lifetime, the decrease of unplanned downtime, and, ultimately, the reduction of long-term maintenance costs What is e- Preventive Maintenance Preventive maintenance consists of interventions […]

Understanding Idea Management

In an organisation there are multiple departments and each department there are skilled and technical persons exist where they can give various innovative ideas to a problem. So, in order to keep track and have clarity on the idea the […]

What is Change Management?

Simply put, it’s the management of change within a group or organization. Regardless of the change management model a company has decided to use, the common denominator between all of them is people. Successful change management requires frequent and clear […]

What is work Permit or PTW?

First, let us explain what we mean by a digital work permit system. We often hear people think of this as simply using a computer as a means of generating and printing a paper version of a work permit rather than manually […]

Benefits of Smart Factory

Digitalising a manufacturing plant brings with it numerous benefits that affect the planning, quality and development of products and logistics in the supply chain. Here are the most important competitive advantages: Speed and flexibility in the face of the unforeseen. […]

How to Implement Smart Factory?

For a “traditional” industry to become a Smart Factory, it mostly requires the involvement and motivation of the company management to have a vision towards digitization, as well as professionally knowledgeable work teams dedication and coordination that can lead the […]

What is Smart Factory ?

Before we focus on the intricacies of the smart factory, by way of introduction, a few words must be said about its underlying concept, the Industrial Internet of Things.     A Smart Factory, as the name suggests, is a smart industry. […]

What is e-Kanban ?

 Kanban is one of the Lean tools designed to reduce the idle time in a production process. The main idea behind system is to deliver what the process needs exactly when it needs it. In Japanese, the word “Kan” means “visual” and “ban” […]

How Andon System Works?

There are many ways to use the Andon system in Lean manufacturing and in several other industries. Regardless of where it’s being used, the only way Andon works is if you truly empower operators to use it. This means giving […]

What is Andon?

The main purpose of Andon is to improve the flow of information in case of problems. All factories have problems that may delay or stop production (yes, even Toyota). So, in order to streamlined the issue raising and tracking process ANDON give […]