Incident Management Platform

Incident Management Platform – The purpose of the Incident Management platform is to restore regular service operation as soon as possible while minimising the negative impact on company to ensure the best possible service quality. Once implemented, the incident management […]

Health and Safety Management system

Health and safety management system – Organizations try to reduce the issues related to safety and health hazards through EHS programs at the workplace. These programs attempt to identify, assess, and control workplace hazards, as well as train workers about […]

What is a work Permit or PTW?

First, let us explain what we mean by a digital work permit system. We often hear people think of this as simply using a computer as a means of generating and printing a paper version of a work permit rather than manually […]

Smart Factory or digitalized benefits

Smart Factory overview: A smart factory or Digitalising a manufacturing plant brings with it numerous benefits that affect the planning, quality, and development of products and logistics in the supply chain. Here are the most important competitive advantages: Speed and […]

Smart Factory industry – how to implement?

Smart factory industry Overview: For a “traditional” industry to become a Smart Factory, it mostly requires the involvement and motivation of the company management to have a vision towards digitization, as well as professionally knowledgeable work teams dedication and coordination […]

What is Smart Factory?

Before we focus on the intricacies of the smart factory, by way of introduction, a few words must be said about its underlying concept, the Industrial Internet of Things.     The term describes a highly digitalized and connected environment where machinery […]

Andon System? and how it Works?

Andon: There are many ways to use the Andon system in Lean manufacturing and in several other global industries such as Chemical Industries, Automotive industries, Oil and gas industries, FMCG, Manufacture and process industries, Electronic industries, Aerospace industries Pharmaceutical industries […]

Andon Meaning and Benefits?

Andon meaning: Andon in Lean manufacturing is a system designed to alert operators and managers of problems in real-time so that corrective measures can be taken immediately. It is part of the Lean Manufacturing process. It is important to understand the reason […]