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Andon System

Learn how our Efficio Software helps the manufacturing industry.

Andon system software alerts operators about production line issues in Lean manufacturing and the digital andon notifies management of a breakdown quality/any abnormality in your operations.

  • Realtime tracking of status and work in progress
  • Fully integrated
  • Shorter response times
Andon system

To Understand more Watch our digital Andon implementation video

How Andon light system works?

A Andon board has different lights that are represented by cords. A machine’s status or the nature of the problem at a station can be shown through the screens. These are commonly connected by color-coded cords.

Green light indicates that the production line is operating normally without any problems at any one station.

Yellow Andon lights signal that an issue has been detected. Then, supervisor take action right away.

A red Andon lights represents a sign that alerts everyone of a production problem or defect

Product Specification

Part NumberADEA01
DescriptionEnterprise Andon
Supply Voltage24 Vdc
Supply Current2 A
Operating Temperature Range-40 to 800 C (industrial)
Dimension 120 mm x 180 mm(W X H)
FeaturesThree-tier tower lamp
Andon Server kit·  Andon Client kit
Big Display on the production line
Production Monitoring tool
Industrial Wireless Connectivity
Automatic Email alert·   
Automatic SMS alert·   
Automatic Escalation process·   
Advanced report like MTTR/MTBF 
Shiftwise Production Report/Custom Report 
Individual Issue code according to the Machine
HardwareANDON Terminal with Tower lamp
Andon Server Terminal

HP Server with SQL Server & Windows Server operating System

Software–  Efficio Software
Accessories–  Production Display Monitor,         Buzzer

Benefits of Andon display board:

It enables operators to receive alerts about production issues and enables them to stop production if an issue occurs during production.

It brings along the following benefits:

  • Reduce cost
  • Reduced Recurring Issues
  • Enhanced Information Flow
  • Consistent Improvement
  • Better Customer Service

Application across Industries


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